I'm Jaime Kristene Schmidt (jaimekristene), I'm a . My passions include travel, adventure, free software, gardening, crafts and programming. I live in Albury, NSW, Australia, I work from home and I'm studying Permaculture at TAFE.

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New Years Resolutions

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Lets see what I have so far:

* 3 walks a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday [ Minimum around the block ] Note in my new journal how far I went

* Serve smaller meals up to myself than Jan's,  Put extras in freezer for a snack or extra meal

* Check Budget before committing to spending money [e.g. going out to dinner or a trip or whatever]. 

I want to know where the money is coming from before we do it rather than having to magic up an answer for that afterwards often resulting in us missing out on something we really wanted. Read more »

New Years Eve 2011

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Jan and I escaped on a spontaneous New Years Eve road trip to Canberra with our friends Shannon and Tim.   We were a bit bold and invited ourselves to put up a tent in Tim's Mum's back yard [Thanks Anne!].

There were some lovely moments during the trip:

* Sitting by the river eating icecreams

* Swapping seeds and gardening tips with Ann and her generous hospitality.

* Hot chocolates after a dinner out and a couple of drinks with our friends in Canberra. Read more »

Art Supplies

While Jan and I were in canberra we did some more art shopping.  This time it was mostly to buy art diaries.  I'd like to keep a diary about the paintings I'd like to do.  Also about ceramics I'd like to make and one for sculptures I'd like to create as well.  I received a pottery kiln today too

Read more »

Another goal

I've been thinking about how to eat less.  Dumb I know.  Anyway my best idea is to serve up dinner then put away half in the freezer for another time.  Fresh stuff like salads I can eat all of it.  Good idea to add more salads in general, will start with bits from the garden. Read more »

Brain storming and shopping

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I did a bit of shopping on boxing day, and bought myself 5 canvases on special.   We bought some extras for Felicity and Jan got himself 4 smaller ones as well.  Now to come up with some ideas.  I think I need new art diaries.  One for my sculpture ideas, one for paintings and one for general mucking about in.


A new year

2012 isn't far off now, 4 days including today.   My mind has been going crazy thinking about all my goals for the new year.  I also am having a hard time defining myself separate from my business (Ginger Robot) and my new life as a homesteader (Widget Grove).   What should I do with this domain?  Well there is a lot of me that doesn't quite fit on the widgetgrove website. although anything can go on there.  Read more »

Raw Food

I'm trying recipes from Karen Knowler's Go raw for a day

Spinach and mango smoothy, I loved this, kinda chewy tho. 

Raw nut vege patties,  I was scared my blender would blow up so I added a fair bit of water.

There was so much mix that I've had 3 meals of it, and probably 3 more to go doh!  Will  probably cook the remainder up tho. Read more »


All good today, tho haven't gotten around to juicing oranges woops.  Maybe in a minute I'll give that a go.

Walk today:

35 minutes [17:30 in zone, 141 mxp, avp 118, 340 calories]

Wednesday Plan:

Breakfast: Berry yogurt banana Smoothy

Snack: apple

Lunch:  Lentil bolognaise

Snack: chocolate

Dinner:  Burrito mix and corn bread, guaccamole and salad YUM.


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Monday has gone well.  I did my 30 minute walk [38mins, 12:22 in zone. Read more »


Sunday,  we went for a 45 minute walk around Thurgoona (pics here on Widget Grove). [20 mins in zone, 0 above, mxp 144. Read more »

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